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2017 Peer Recital, Feb 4 Photos

Peer Recital Description & Expectations:  
Each student selected 2 pieces to prepare and play for his/her fellow piano friends. We discussed practice strategies, recital jitters, how they felt after playing for their peers, and other piano topics!  I provided a pizza and fruit lunch with dessert for us to enjoy together!  This was a great way to have the experience of playing in front of an audience in a less threatening way, and for all of the piano students at Music Well to meet each other and learn from each other.

Before playing I asked each student how he/she was feeling.  Various emotions were expressed; pumped, nervous, excited, hungry, tired, and shy.  After each completed their piano pieces, I asked the same question.  Most emotions changed for the positive; happy, relieved, and proud were some responses, but hungry and shy remained!